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Hello! I'm Jade, an artist originally from the south coast of Victoria. For the last decade, I've been living on and off Waiben Island in the Torres Strait. My artistic journey began with my first exhibition there in 2013 and my most recent in 2021, a joint exhibition with fellow artist Alicia Sharples 'Life Begets Life,' The exhibition took place in my seaside Café Gallery, where I currently sell my work as limited prints.

Art has been my love throughout my life, but it was only in 2020 that I discovered the mesmerizing joy of watercolours. The medium's beautifully unpredictable behaviour fascinated me, and the journey of attempting to tame it began. I find the most joy in blending realism and abstract elements in my artwork, creating pieces that harmoniously combine both styles.

At present, I live in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast, and since relocating here, I've been a full-time practicing artist. Alongside creating art, I conduct watercolour workshops to share my love for this medium with others. My original works, and limited prints have found a place in the hearts of collectors, and art enthusiasts alike.

I'm honoured to have been a finalist in the Du Reitz Art Awards in both 2022 and 2023, which has further motivated me to push the boundaries of my artistic expression.

I find endless inspiration in nature, the people that surround me, and equally in human behaviour. We’re all just falling forward through life, and I find so much beauty in the chaos of it all. Endless gratitude to you for taking the time to view may page x Jade

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